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Jim Cramer: Wendy's Has the Meat, But Is Oversold

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts on Wendy's (WEN)

"I'm now trying to figure out whether or not McDonald' $193 has fully discounted Wendy's breakfast. I'm beginning to think that when you circle back to the restaurants, McDonald's might be good just saying it. You know, I was just saying it...McDonald's might be good. Different stance because I was upset when the quarter came out because of Wendy's. I had Wendy's on when they announced breakfast and breakfast is something McDonald's owned. Wendy's is such a good company and they're hiring 20,000 people, so they're obviously really, really serious about this. So, I think the stock went down and I think it's now at this point overly punished and getting very interesting," said Cramer. 

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