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Why Jim Cramer Has Negative Interest Rates on the Mind

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Here's what has negative interest rates on Jim Cramer's mind. 

"Well what I'm thinking about is what would happen if we did have negative interest rates because negative interest rates is really a powerfully negative force for the people who are watching or trying to save money. I think our president mistakenly thinks that those are good. Remember we have a Scylla and Charybdis. The Scylla is you've got to be able to make some money saving and the Charybdis is we want to be able to have an economy that grows and those hit the Scylla, they just do, and I'm surprised the president doesn't know it. He's a very smart guy about business I've always felt. I've seen him in action, but you know you can't save, and a lot of the viewers we have are desperate to try to get a little income," said Cramer. 

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