Jim Cramer: We Need Someone to 'Energize' Americans in This Administration

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts on what we need as Americans. 

Hint: it may have something to do with an economic version of Dr. Fauci. 

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Katherine Ross:
Jim, let's circle back to something. Let's circle back to Dr Fauci. I want to ask you, do we need an economic version of Dr. Fauci at the White House press briefings every night?

Jim Cramer:
I got when I was on the show, glad you mentioned it, I got an absolutely terrific... Oh, okay. Trying to figure out the price of the new Apple watch. I can't believe I dropped it last night. I was so angry, so upset. It was a long, long day going back and forth with my wife about what I was going tonight and I lost track of it. It fell and it cracked. And it's my favorite thing in the world. I use it to wake up, it's my alarm. I like the way it features... Okay, so here's the guy. I'm told that the guy we want to get, I was going to work on this today, is Bill McRaven. He's an Admiral and I probably won't be able to get it done today, but Admiral and a Navy Seal, he led the U S Special Ops mission for Obama to get Bin Laden. Fantastic and respected leader.

Jim Cramer:
So, this is what I'm looking for, I'm looking for someone that we have faith in. Take the pressure off Fauci, take the pressure off Pence and certainly take the pressure off the President. Hate him or like him, he's completely distracted by these conferences. Now, some people say we can't do campaign rallies, so this is what he does, but they're very distracting. I would like our President to be doing something other than these press conferences. So, if we can get someone like this Admiral, whom that I'll look into, then I think that we have a shot. Yesterday we had this thing with Crozier and the guy was the acting Secretary of the Navy, that was just terrible. I don't want to read about this, you're supposed to keep that in house, but maybe we bring this guy in and maybe that is the person who's tasked with getting the economy back? Maybe he's the General Marshall that I'm looking for? But I feel, I had General McChrystal and I thought he would've been good, but General McChrystal left in a cloud, even that's ridiculous, he's incredibly distinguished.

Jim Cramer:
But Katherine, we are devoid of someone who can energize us. We are with an administration that wants to fight, but not against COVID. Now, they say they want to fight against COVID, they seem to want to fight with each other and hate them or like them, you don't want that. You don't want to see the discourse. That's like the head coach having discourse with the offensive coordinator and I'm really surprised, just in terms of leadership, whether you're a Democrat or Republican, we don't want (silent). If you were Republican, you just don't want that. It's just not what you want. You wanted to defeat COVID, not each other. So yeah, I'm looking for someone who can step in.

Jim Cramer:
Now, my view has been ignored when it comes to the COVID bond, my view has been ignored when it comes to the shutdown for the month and pay people not to work, my view has been ignored on trying to have temperature taken en masse everywhere, so I presume that my view will be deliciously ignored by trying to come up with someone who's an Admiral to do this and all I can say is I'm never going to stop trying to propose ideas because that is what we should be doing is trying to help. And I don't really care that they are negative and they are antagonistic and they are cynical. It's every American's duty to try to come up with things that might (silent).

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