Jim Cramer: We Must Be 'Realistic' About the Coronavirus

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Let's talk about the coronavirus. 

There are over 76,000 cases, with 2,200 deaths. 

Jim Cramer is weighing in on the virus and its impact on the markets. 

The virus was the focus of Cramer's Real Money column Friday morning:

"What do you do when the coronavirus pretty much plays out as the medical people in the United States said it would? Go back to the words of our very best epidemiologist, Dr. Tony Fauci. He said it would continue to spread in China. He said that it will go through the underdeveloped world rapidly because those countries do not have a comprehensive public health system," wrote Cramer. "And the U.S.? It will spread, hopefully, more slowly where we hope to nurse people back to health"

He also said that everyone--including investors, perhaps even more so--should be listening to Fauci.

"All of this is now happening. None of it is bullish. None of it is unexpected though which is why we keep thinking it has to have an end game even as Fauci is not saying that it has to end in April," wrote Cramer. "The consequences of not listening to Fauci? Indolence, laziness, lack of rigor and, ultimately, a gobsmacking upside the head."

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