Jim Cramer: We're Going to See 'Millions and Millions Unemployed'

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Jim Cramer warns about the impact that we're going to see from the coronavirus pandemic.

He warns about the "millions and millions" that we're going to see unemployed as the pandemic shuts down the everyday lives of Americans.

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Katherine Ross:
Good morning. I'm Katherine Ross and I'm here with Jim Cramer. We're joining you via Skype this morning in our parts to practice social distancing. Jim, what's top of mind for you this morning?

Jim Cramer:
Top of mind for me is that employment number, which shows the beginning of what people are starting to realize. It's going to be millions upon millions of unemployed. I think you're going to start talking about The Great Depression. I think you're going to start talking about whether small businesses go around sub-prime, meaning it's just an intractable problem that we can't get rid of very quickly.

Jim Cramer:
I do think that there's been phenomenal acceptance already this morning of the plan for the paycheck protection. But Katherine, I got to tell you, it's going to be a very rough road unless something happens with the disease and it's got to happen. Can't be ... You can't wait. It's got to happen.

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