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Overbought or Not? Jim Cramer Gets Technical

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How is the market looking?

Real Money technical analyst Helene Meisler wrote about the market being oversold on Real Money Tuesday morning. 

She explains: 

We are overbought and sentiment is still relatively elevated, so for now I expect a pick up in volatility in the next week or so.

In response, Jim Cramer said, "I brought Helene Meisler into the fold when we started. She's somebody who helped teach me technical analysis...far be it for me to disagree with anything she says about being overbought or oversold."

But he's got some other things on his mind. 

"So I'm not as concerned about oversold as she is, but I am concerned about is China trade and a hardliner put on their side, maybe the president steps up on our side that would dovetail with what could go wrong. I do think also that while the earnings so far have been good, the revenues are just somewhat good. So there's room for what I like for what she calls volatility, which is why we're positioned as such. And I will talk about it on tomorrow's conference call with Action Alerts subscribers and club members and future club members," explained Cramer. 

And, in case you missed it, Cramer has a live conference call for members of Action Alerts PLUS Wednesday morning at 11:30 a.m. ET.

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