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Jim Cramer Warns Don't Get Caught In This Market Bear Trap

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Put down that IPO.

Cramer's been very honest about his feelings around the IPOs coming to market.

"During the period 1999-2000, more than 350 companies came public that rapidly disappeared but not before they could populate the universe with endless amounts of stocks, both primaries and secondaries that investors simply could not absorb," wrote Cramer.

Over on TheStreet's Facebook live show Monday morning, Cramer detailed his thoughts. 

"One of the reasons why you're seeing so much money go into the JPMorgan's (JPM) - Get Free Report and the Coca-Cola's (KO) - Get Free Report is those have good buybacks, not issuing stocks, buying back stock and good dividends. And what's happened on the NASDAQ is that the companies...this bear traps....And what I think happened is not unlike that period in 2000, we're seeing lots of equity being issued, and the market's fleeing from it. And the more IPOs we have, the worst things are going to be. So, the market's reverting to the safe area, which is what happened in 2000," said Cramer.

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