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Jim Cramer: Why Wall Street Has Turned Increasingly Bullish

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Jim Cramer says that the COVID-19 pandemic is "playing out like a Stephen King novel."

"This morning, three of my favorite strategists came on the air and said they are bullish, in part, because everyone is so bearish. Each one took turns to talk about how those bears would get converted -- fresh cash -- as we go higher. There's only one problem: When one strategist tells you that everyone's bearish as a prop for a bullish view, that's a listen-up moment. When two say everyone's too bearish, then you start thinking, hey maybe there's a lot of bears, but maybe too many of them have already been converted to the bull camp," wrote Jim Cramer in his Real Money column. 

"But when three big shot strategists say that there are too few bulls, you have to think, Wait a second, maybe the consensus isn't what it seems, maybe there are too many bulls for the moment, not bears. Maybe the consensus has the wrong consensus," he continued.

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