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Jim Cramer: Wait Until Next Week to Put Money to Work

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Video from Friday, May 10

Jim Cramer thinks that investors looking to put some money to work should take a deep breath. 

He discussed what he and his team over on Action Alerts Plus have been doing and what investors should consider.

"We raised a huge amount of money. We're not buying anything. You know, we have the most cash. We're not buying anything because we think did better prices could await the president. [He] was very dismissive of the Chinese in his tweets basically saying how good it is that we don't have a deal. The President truly believes [that] like it or not," said Cramer. "You know, there were people on [CNBC] this morning who were saying that we have more to lose. That's actually not true mathematically. I mean it's empirical that we don't, but it is a very strange time. You have a lot of people saying a lot of things and a lot of it is not true. I mean the fact is is that we have, say 150 billion that they take from us and we take $550 billion so I mean mathematically it's certainly worse for them."

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