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Trump, Twitter Spat Won't Impact Twitter Investors: Jim Cramer

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President Donald Trump and Twitter have escalated 

President Trump signed an executive order Thursday with the goal of clamping down on the behavior of social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook.

At a press conference, Trump summarized the goal of the order as to "make it that social media companies that engage in censoring or any political conduct will not be able to keep their liability shield."

Under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, internet platforms that host third-party content are protected for posts from users.

Trump's signing of the executive order was triggered by Twitter's decision this week to affix a fact-checking label to a Trump tweet for the first time.

The spat escalated further Friday after Twitter placed a public interest notice on a Trump tweet, saying the tweet violated the platform’s rules about the “glorification of violence.” The tweet from Trump regarded violence in Minnesota following the death of George Floyd after he had been handcuffed by police officers in Minneapolis. 

Jim Cramer thinks that what's going on between Twitter and President Trump will not ultimately impact Twitter shareholders.

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