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Replay:'Tension in the Markets: Cramer Tackles Trump Tweets, Boeing and Facebook

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Ready to kick off the week?

Jim Cramer weighs in on President Trump's tweets over the weekend, whether or not Boeing can be trusted after CEO Dennis Muilenburg admitted that the company made a mistake and a survey from Wall Street Journal and NBC found consumers hesitant to board 737 Max's and, finally, Cramer looks into Facebook's cryptocurrency push. 


President Trump took to Twitter over the weekend to weigh in on what would happen to the markets if he wasn't reelected. 

Cramer said that he doesn't believe that the markets will crash if a Democrat with policies like presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the presidency. 

"If Biden were elected, the market would go higher," said Cramer. 

However, Cramer noted that the economy is "very strong," but there's a "lot of tension in the market."

Time to Trust Boeing?

Over the weekend, Boeing (BA) - Get Free ReportCEO Dennis Muilenburg admitted at the Paris Airshow that Boeing should have been more transparent with the public and with regulators after the fatal Ethiopian airlines crash back in March.

In case you missed it, the Ethiopian airlines crash was the second crash involving Boeing's 737 Max jet. The first crash, which involved a plane operated by Indonesia's Lion Air, happened in the fall of 2018.

NBC and the Wall Street Journal surveyed U.S. consumers to see whether or not they would be comfortable flying on a 737 Max once the plane is allowed back in the air.

The poll found that 25% of the 1,000 people surveyed would not fly on a 737 Max.

Facebook's Crypto Push

Real Money Stock of the Day Facebook (FB) - Get Free Report will be unveiling its cryptocurrency Tuesday, June 18.

While we won't have details until the white paper is released Tuesday, the new push from the social media company that has suffered from multiple scandals could show the direction that the company plans to go in.

Over on his exclusive members-only video on Action Alerts PLUS, Cramer broke down why he thinks this push could help Facebook earn the trust of the consumer through some of its partnerships for the crypto--cough, cough, Paypal (PYPL) - Get Free Report .

Watch Cramer's full take on Facebook here.

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