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Jim Cramer Says U.S. Won't Follow in Germany's Footsteps Under Trump

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Jim Cramer wrote about his thoughts on what investors should do at this point.

"Without a national mask mandate and closing of the bars and restaurants - the one place where masks can't work - I do not see a way out of the spiral down until we have a vaccine. Sure there can be therapeutics but, right now, I don't see them on a national scale. Of course, we have no policy anyway so maybe it's all an abstraction," wrote Cramer.

Read his full Real Money column here. 

"Some of this wave is definitely not a lack of policy, but a lack of belief that it even matters. How else can you explain the rash of cases in Texas, Wisconsin, and Florida, the three states which, at least anecdotally in the first two cases, and absolutely in the third. The latter has truly gone off the rails in its insistence that the tourism business shall not be sacrificed upon an altar of health," he continued.

His main piece of advice? Investors have "no choice but to wait things out until we get out of the murk, picking and choosing among the absurdities to buy." 

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