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Jim Cramer: Trump Cares More About Beating the Chinese Than Earnings Reports

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Jim Cramer weighs in on why President Trump is pushing back against China as hard as it is. 

"But one of the things that I have said over and over again is it the President is going to sacrifice the earnings of our companies in order to be able to win...I think that we're not used to a president who's not captured by the interest, meaning that we would never hurt the semiconductors because they're important," said Cramer. "We would never hurt Nike (NKE) because they're important. The president is focused on beating the Chinese. Okay. That's what he's focused on. And that means there's going to be a lot of numbers cut. And so you look at a Novartis (NVS) instead or a J&J (JNJ) . There's plenty of alternatives. I mean there's always like people to recognize the money stays in the casino. It just goes to different parts of it. I mean if you look at Darden (DRI) at an all-time high yesterday. Look at Mcdonald's (MCD) ."

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