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Where'd the Pro-Business Trump Go? Jim Cramer Wants to Know

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts about President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Cramer spoke on Street Lightning about how he feels that President Trump has moved away from being business focused and caring more about his base on Fox News.

"[President Donald Trump] cares more about his base and Fox Business than he cares about doing business and hiring. And I'm really starting to question his bona fides that I thought were so great, as when I was a judge for The Apprentice. Starting to question where's that Trump? The Trump that would be rallying with the CEOs to try to figure out how to solve difficult racial problem while creating jobs. And you can do a paycheck protection, but then you forget that the local governments don't even let your businesses open. And you sit there and you say, "I took the PPP and now I'm going to lose a lot of money, but I'm doing it because I'm a good guy"? I mean, I've tried to get Secretary Mnuchin to start focusing again on some pro-business initiatives, but I feel better going to Mark Zuckerberg," Jim Cramer said.

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