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Jim Cramer: The Trade Talks Will Circle Around the White House's '7 Deadly Sins'

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Jim Cramer laid out the White House's seven key principals to get a trade deal on the table when the U.S. and China meet on October 10. 

Cramer laid this all out in a Real Money column Monday morning recapping the seven points of contention with the China-U.S. trade.

"When you read stories about how the Chinese don't want or seek a broad agreement on trade you should immediately get suspicious that there can be any trade agreement at all. That's because the White House has a set of seven principles it will not sacrifice to get a deal done. The U.S. has not budged on these seven issues and the Chinese have shown no signs of even understanding what I think are deal points that every American would admit makes a ton of sense to stick by. It's only because we are in such a polarized, politicized and ideological era that investors don't even get what's really going on," wrote Cramer.

Read all seven points here.

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