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Trade Deal Secured: Jim Cramer on China, Costco, Facebook

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Another day, another step closer to a trade deal?

Jim Cramer and research analyst research analyst Zev Fima broke down Wall Street’s biggest market movers from the lastet on trade negotiations between the U.S. and China to earnings from Real Money Stock of the Day Costco  (COST) - Get Free Report.

How to Approach a Trade Deal

Though since becoming volatile, markets got an early Christmas present Friday as the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P hit all-time highs after China said that there is a phase 1 trade agreement with the U.S. and major progress has been achieved.

Before you do a little buying, Cramer suggested caution as the Chinese press conference and tweets from President Donald Trump conflicted when it comes to the cancelation of tariffs on December 15.

In the video above, Cramer breaks down what you need to see before you get confident in this deal.

Should You Still Believe in Bulk Mustard?

Real Money Stock of the Day Costco reported earnings after the bell on Thursday with earnings per share coming in at $1.90 on group revenues of $32.24 billion. Sales in the quarter slid on a later Thanksgiving paired with a Thanksgiving Day website crash that likely cost Costco millions in sales.

Despite some “noise,” Cramer said Costco issued some “beautiful numbers” and has the flexibility and scale to succeed in this retail environment.

What the Reported FTC Injunction Says About Facebook

In case you missed it, Facebook undefined took a hit after hours Thursday on reports that the FTC is taking aim at how Facebook apps interact with each other and with their rivals. Most significantly, the move would put the social media giant’s future plans to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger in the spotlight.

Cramer isn’t concerned about future M&A, however, he said the injunction points to larger ethos and culture problems at Facebook. Namely, the one thing that Washington can agree on is that Facebook makes a good “punching bag,” Cramer said. 

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