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Watch Tiger King, Buy Netflix? Jim Cramer on the Markets and Coronavirus

Here's what Jim Cramer is watching in the markets Thursday as stocks surge higher on further monetary relief from the Federal Reserve.


It's Thursday, in case you lost count.

So, what is Jim Cramer watching this morning as markets prepare to close out the shortened holiday week?

What's On Cramer's Mind?

Cramer wrote about what he's paying attention to in his Real Money column Thursday.

Here's what's on his mind.

"Fifth percent retracement. Nice bounce. Sell or buy? Depends. It depends whether a stock went up much more than 50% from the bottom. Depends whether a stock should never have been that low to begin with," wrote Cramer.  

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"I am reading a lot about how the Fed is buoying this market with lots of free money and that's why stocks are up. Instead I look at it as if the Fed took the worst scenario off the table by intimating that it will be there for the banks. That left the banks no longer as vulnerable to all of the worries that came when the credit line revolvers were taken down," Cramer continued.

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