Jim Cramer: The Three Ways to Become Financially Independent

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Are you financially independent?

Do you have outstanding loans, credit card debt, etc.? 

You might not be as financially independent as you think. 

Jim Cramer has three ways for anyone to seek financial independence. 

"This is really important because it's not all stocks. Number one, healthcare. You've got to be sure you have the right healthcare. Healthcare bankrupts people. 50% of the bankruptcies in this country are caused not by student loans, but by inadequate healthcare. So get that healthcare situation underway. Second, credit card debt. I got out of school, I had $25,000 credit card and I had like seven different credit card companies. No, you can't possibly make up the interest that the credit card company charge. Third, many people feel I don't have enough. Oh, I have a student loan. I had this or that. I'm not asking you to put away $500 a week. I'm asking you to put away $5 a week. You can do that. That's all," explained Cramer.

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