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Jim Cramer Reveals His 3 Keys to Surviving Earnings Season

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Don't stress. 

Jim Cramer's got your back. 

He's got some investing education for investors who are feeling worried about this market. 

He has three things to keep an eye on.

The first one? Fortitude. 

"They need fortitude. They need to find stocks that are down," he explained. 

The second thing? Keep an eye out for erratic companies. 

"Erratic stock, you can't pay up for it. Erratic management can't pay up for it," he said. 

And, finally, the third thing? Homework!

"And then I would love to see people do the homework. Wait for the call, please. I mean you don't look, should you infuse your thinking with worldview? I have always said I like to run money for three to six months...Decide what your time frame is," he explained.

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