Jim Cramer: This Market Is Resilient

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Jim Cramer said that this market is resilient. 

Here's what Cramer is thinking about the market.

"What I heard were people wanting to buy. We've all been pretty much trained, Pavlovian-style, to buy the S&P 500. The only stocks anyone mentioned to buy were Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA) . The dialogue was pretty simple: "Can I buy Apple on this dip? Or, do I have to wait for Tesla to go down, or can I just buy it Monday." In each case, I was circumspect. I like both of them very much, but I think buying right here might be ill-advised, not because I fear a gigantic decline, but because I want to know more about how this virus is spreading," wrote Cramer.

"Well, top of mind is the resilience of the market in the face of what might be a Bernie Sanders win tonight on top of obviously the continued spread of the coronavirus and the fact we don't have anything. I know that I don't want to be glib about either side. Is the market reflecting...reality...of the stock market...Incredible for the United States companies," said Cramer. 

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