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Jim Cramer: The Market Has Not Bottomed Yet

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Jim Cramer says the market hasn't hit a bottom yet. 

Cramer explained his thinking when he was asked what was top of mind for him during TheStreet Live With Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross Monday morning.

"We're separating, which is interesting. We're separating the ones that, the Procter [& Gambles] PG and the Walmarts WMT from the ones that are really at the epicenter. The epicenter ones are indeed travel...many of them are casino...And then, of course, Disney and oil stocks. And I just think that, look, I'm a big believer in taking risk, but I'm not a big believer in saying this is the bottom. So you can buy small already, but I think you have to stay away from the blast zone. You can get involved with companies that are not in the blast zone. And I'll give you an example. Is Johnson & Johnson JNJ in the blast zone? No, absolutely not. Is Abbott and the blast zone? It's actually positive. They do some stuff in China. Is AbbVie in the blast zone? No," explained Cramer.   

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