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Jim Cramer: Tesla Is the 'Most Deserving' of Cult Stocks

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Another day, another opportunity to talk about Tesla TSLA.

Jim Cramer broke down his thoughts on Tesla during TheStreet Live With Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross Friday morning. 

Here's why he thinks that Tesla deserves the cult stock rating, but also why he likes the company.

"Ever since I became JimmyChill and at the same time, I took advice for my daughter to get much more in Tesla. And so then I go sample it and she samples it. My wife's samples it. I'd go through the balance sheets, but good, it's a $300 stock then. And I know, so I missed it from $200...sorry. But I would say that that is the most deserving of cult stocks. And since I embraced it, I have to tell you my Twitter feed is probably three-quarters Tesla. So let me just say what I meant by a battery that can last a thousand miles for thousands of miles is that that would then take away gasoline. That would be it. That's game set match against gasoline," said Cramer.

Watch the full video above for more.

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