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Jim Cramer: Why Tesla Is a 'Battleground'

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Curious about investing in Tesla?

 Before you jump in, here's what Jim Cramer thinks about Tesla--which he calls a "battleground."

"Tesla (TSLA) - Get Tesla Inc. Report bulls aren't giving you an inch test, Tesla bears aren't giving you inch, so you ended up with this kind of, you know, battleground. And I don't really like battlegrounds. I think that they're too hard to, to opine on. I got caught up in a battleground on Lyft (LYFT) - Get Lyft Inc. Report . It turns out that Lyft was driven down by shorts to some degree and the borrow was very high, meaning that there was just a tremendous amount of shorting," said Cramer. "The stock went down to $66, it looks like the shorts over-played their hand and now the stock is coming back. Lyft is a battleground and Tesla is a battleground. I don't want to say I was right on Lyft. I will say that at least we understand what was going on with Lyft and you have to understand what's going on with Tesla is just a lot of short positions. Shorts never have equality with the long, because you have to borrow the stock. But that, that's just a total battleground--very hard to figure out."

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