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Jim Cramer Tells Stephanie Link With the Market in Flux, Finance Is Point of Strength

Jim Cramer says finance, along with social media and biotech, are the only places of strength in the market.
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Stephanie Link says we're overweight in the financial sector with regionals, money centers and credit card companies. On Wednesday, Citizens Financial made its market debut. Jim Cramer says that's one deal that shouldn't be hanging in there because at 1x book value it's no bargain. Cramer says the market is in flux right now and ultimately the beacon is finance, that's where the buyers have continued to come in. He says finance along with social media and biotech are the only places of strength. Stephanie Link says rates could go higher into next year. The 10-year may not go beyond 3% but that's enough of a tailwind for these financial companies that are doing better in terms of loan growth and credit quality trends.