Jim Cramer: The Tech Growth Story Is a Great Secular Growth Story

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Let's talk about tech. 

When asked what was on the top of his mind Wednesday morning, Jim Cramer said that he's got one sector at the top of his mind: tech. 


"I feel...that you don't want to buy the Proctor [& Gambles (PG) - Get Report ] and the Coca-Cola's (KO) - Get Report here, that you want to buy tech because tech is...now techs had a big run. But I think that the tech story is a great secular growth story. I think the industrials, when you're looking at how they did during earnings period, they were good and that the soft goods were [not] special. The tough one for me is retail cause we have retail sales on Friday. But I like the, as I wrote this morning, I like the industrial side.," said Cramer. 

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