Jim Cramer Takes a Look at the Ticker Tape at the New York Stock Exchange

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Looking for some stocks to buy or to avoid?

Jim Cramer weighs in on what investors need to know about the ticker tape and some of the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Index.

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Jim Cramer: You're giving me all the easy ones. These are Dow Jones, not a problem. Goldman is now $10 through book value and tangible books, a that's decent level to buy. Home Depot, we sold some of the 240s. They had an amazing quarter. Down eight, I think that's an overreaction of what Costco said about a lot of the things that are selling. IBM, it's a yield play. ICE is one of my absolute favorites because it has nothing to do with the economy. J&J down 180. You know, it's a AAA balance sheet. Fantastic. Now JP Morgan is obviously in flux because of Jamie Dimon. We want him to come back. We don't know if he can. The stock is down a straight shot for 30 points. Coca-Cola down 55 is a must-buy because James Quincey is doing so good. And McDonald's could be a communal place. Not sure.  

Jim Cramer: I think you should sell 3M. I still don't like the PFAS problems that they have. Merckis a buy down to $72 because KEYTRUDA is doing so well. I don't know why people still love Nike because it's got Western Europe, has got the United States, it's got China. That's good. Pfizer, something I recommended earlier this week because of the yield. Proctor's down all the way at 114, no reason to be able to jump on that now. Travelers is interesting because I like insurance. You're on a deflationary environment. United Health, no, I don't want to touch it because I think that Bernie's not officially done yet. United Technologies' numbers cut really badly. Visa, too related to travel that I notice they want to be in it. I like MasterCard more. You want to buy Verizon right here given the fact that rates have come down, Walmart is just plain too high.  

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