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Jim Cramer: Stop Trading on the Coronavirus Numbers

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Let's talk about the coronavirus numbers.

15,000 new cases of the coronavirus were announced Wednesday, which brings the total to 59,000.

Another 242 deaths were announced Wednesday.

This could, however, be due to the change of the diagnosis method, since the spike in cases came after officials started to use new technology to diagnose cases. But, either way, it raises the question about the scale of the epidemic in China.

Health officials using computerized tomography techniques confirmed more than 15,000 new cases of the virus - known as Covid-19 - in Hubei province, where the disease was first identified. That boosted the cases in the province to just under 50,000 and China's nationwide total to around 60,000, reported TheStreet's Joseph Woelfel.

And the United States announced its 15th case of the coronavirus.

Jim Cramer said that investors shouldn't be trading based on the coronavirus numbers.

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