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Three Stocks Jim Cramer's Watching After Trump's Tweets

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It's not all about the Fed or Facebook's (FB) new cryptocurrency ... 

Well at least for Jim Cramer it isn't.

Jim Cramer zeros in on what else he is watching in markets today.

"I'm watching a lot of stocks that shouldn't be up," Cramer said.

Three stocks he is keeping his eye on?

3M (MMM) , Boeing (BA) , and Home Depot (HD) .

"I'm looking at 3M and I don't think anything happened with 3M, maybe there's more business with China. Boeing. What is going on there? They [recieved] almost no orders and the stock's going up. What is that saying to me? It says that they're about to get approval. Home Depot is all the way...What does that say? People are betting this weekend's going to be really good for gardening. I think some of them are going to be wrong. I think the 3M bet is going to be wrong," Cramer said.

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