Jim Cramer: Stick to Your Gameplan, Not Politics When Investing

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Do not mix politics and your portfolio.

That's the biggest takeaway from Cramer's morning column over on Real Money.

Here's a quick look at Cramer's thoughts.

It was pretty clear that we would have some sort of huge decline Monday morning if nothing happened, because that was the "set-up," as people didn't get to sell as much as they would have liked given that things had really gone off the rails.

The people who hate Trump were totally cool with that. They want the market to come down, maybe because it will hurt his re-election chances. Maybe because they are short the market. Or both. Neither, of course, is mentioned in their tweets, because that would mean they are biased -- which they obviously are. What they don't get is there is nothing wrong with being biased, per se, in the real world. We all have our opinions.

Cramer breaks down how a simple thing--such as buying on a day when the market is up thanks to Trump, can show that investors are allowing their politics into their portfolios. 

"Well, I think that when you blast into Twitter and say that, that Trump's a liar and there weren't too, cause what you're showing me is that you actually care whether there are calls," said Cramer.

"The president very quickly recognized that he was driving the market down and he doesn't want the market to go down. So he said these things, were there calls? I don't know. I'd like to think that there might've been because the president said it. And the other way to view that, it's political is that suddenly the PRC is the one you trust," he continued. 

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