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Jim Cramer: Southwest CEO Is 'Tremendous Operator'

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Southwest or United Airlines?

Jim Cramer took to Twitter to compare the two.

Cramer tweeted, "Also UAL and LUV.. let me ask you, why those names? because of their binary nature like Eagles. v. Cowboys?"

This comes after Southwest got an upgrade just last week.

Analyst Jose Caiado also lifted his price target on Southwest to $45 a share from $35. That indicates a 37% premium over the stock's closing price on Thursday.

Southwest offers a way for investors to catch the tailwinds of an emerging rebound in leisure travel. And the Dallas airline also benefits from a "best-in-class balance sheet" that "positions LUV to stage an aggressive comeback," the Credit Suisse analyst wrote.

Southwest has managed to "retain its investment-grade ratings through the worst of the crisis," Caiado wrote, while also noting the airline has built up a $13 billion war chest.

So, is Southwest the Cowboys and United the Eagles? And why does Cramer like Southwest?

Cramer says that Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest, is a "tremendous operator."

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