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Jim Cramer: Should the Market Have Faith That the Coronavirus Will Be Resolved?

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Japan has reported that two former passengers from the Diamond Princess --the ship that was quarantined off of the coast of Japan--have died. Both passengers had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The couple, both Japanese nationals, were in their 80s.

As of Wednesday, 621 people from the Diamond Princess had tested positive for the virus.

Taking a step back, there are over 74,500 cases of the virus, with around 2,100 deaths.

Both South Korea and Iran recorded their first deaths from the virus.

However, the number of new confirmed cases have dropped in the Hubei province.

Jim Cramer weighed in on the coronavirus impact on the markets in his Real Money column on Thursday, Feb. 20. 

"When I read the commentary here on Thursday, whether it be about the two unfortunate deaths on the Carnival CCL ship that docked at Yokohama or the South Korean death that's linked to a religious group, I come back and say that there's an unrelenting belief that this illness can and will be beaten and that these incidents are isolated and one-off. What makes people feel that way even if there is no real sign that the disease is running its course?" wrote Cramer. "One is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came out in June of last year with a paper called "Study Shows Hospitalization Rates and Risk of Death from Seasonal Flu Increase with Age Among People 65 Years or Older." That study explains that people who are older are far more likely to die when they get the flu than those who are much younger."

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