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Jim Cramer: Should Investors Be Investing in Stay at Home Stocks?

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So, investors, should you be investing in stay at home stocks?

Jim Cramer weighs in on the stocks that he's watching. 

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
Sure. Should they be buying the companies that they're telecommuting with?

Jim Cramer:
I like Zoom very much. I think Zoom is really going to be the way. Things are going to change. People are going to realize a lot of people are going to realize, wow, with Zoom I can work at home and be very much in touch. So zoom is still a buy. Is Teledoc still a buy? I've been recommending that one. It just caught a double. Probably not, that you have to wait. Maybe they should raise some capital or something. But I think that you would say, well I'm at home and by Proctor and Gamble you're at home all day. But that stock was at 78.

Jim Cramer:
I urge people to look at where stocks work and that may be a good barometer for what to do. Again, could the market go up big today? Yes. Will it be done without me? No, I bought here. I can't just get up and say, you know what, I bought here. Now I'm going to buy more. That's like going to a candy store and saying, "I bought Good & Plenty. You know what, I'm going to buy another box of Good & Plenty." Well, why would you do that?

Jim Cramer:
It doesn't make sense. But people don't think of it as that. They say, "Oh my God, it's at 780 I just saw it tick up to 760. I got to go buy some Good & Plenty." And when you think about it, like I got a second dress, I got to buy another suit because I bought a suit, I got to buy another suit. Well, no, now you wait for lower price and if you don't get it, you say, I have a suit. Think like that. I think like clothes.

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