Jim Cramer: Science Is Trumping the Bears

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Jim Cramer says that today is a day "where science is trumping the bears."

So what exactly does that mean?

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Katherine Ross:
Jim, what's top of mind for you this morning?

Jim Cramer:
Today's a day where science is trumping the bears and I've been telling people over and over again who are negative, look, here's what you have against you. You have science, otherwise you got to run the table because frankly a depression is still on the cards if we don't get this economy open and we just set back the time that the economy is going to be open, I think that was right, so scientists are determining it. But when you have a J&J talking about a vaccine within a fairly short period of time. When you have Regeneron working what's doing. Roche is doing things. When you have the dispersion of the medicines coming a little bit better from Cardinal Health and McKesson and then when you have the Abbott 5-Minute Testing. Abbott on tonight, on Mad Money, suddenly you get a situation where if you're betting against the market, which has been a terrific bet until last Monday, then what happens is, you're now betting against science and that tomorrow won't be like that.

Jim Cramer:
Tomorrow there may not be as many breakthroughs or maybe there won't be this, the tremendous anti-malarial rush, the anti-malarial which the FDA is just going for has very mixed other than Fox, which is totally behind it. We have a very weird media situation, where there's Fox and the rest of the media. Fox is very behind it. Fox is more powerful than the rest of the media because the president identifies with them. That's okay. Never ever seen anything like it, but it's what it is. But the anti-malarial plus the stuff that Louis working on that we just talked to with David Ricks, plus the J&J possible vaccine, plus the Regeneron. These are all things that if we could get the personal protective equipment in would make it so that there's a possibility that we could peak.

Jim Cramer:
One of the things that I thought was most amazing was that David Ricks was talking about, even having something for the advanced pneumonia that kills the most people in hospitals. That would be incredible because there's been nothing, nothing at all. There's a lot of good news on the science side and that makes it feel, makes you feel like, wait a second, if we can get the 2 trillion to last, then there's the possibility that we might not have a depression.

Katherine Ross:
I want to focus on something that you tweeted and also that you basically just mentioned, which is we see all this good news around the vaccines, the testing and whatnot, but what do we need? We've seen this before, we've seen different versions of this headline. What do we really need to see in order for Wall Street to rally on a vaccine headline, on a testing headline?

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