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Jim Cramer Says It's Time for President Trump to Pick Up a History Book

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Jim Cramer has a plan.

And it requires some reading on the Trump Administration's part. 

Here's why he thinks it's time for President Trump to pick up a history book.

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Katherine Ross:
Do you think that until we get someone on the podium next to Fauci can specialize in economics, that investors and consumers should be taking Trump's word?

Jim Cramer:
Well, President Trump's not that familiar with the intricacies, which is okay. I don't want him, that's why I said I don't want the President involved with tactics. I want him involved with brand strategy, but the actual tactics of getting the economy rolling is going to take someone who understands procurement, understands mission and understands orders to get where you have to go. And you saw that with the Army Corps of Engineers General when he was on Rachel Maddow. You can see there's a guy who's being tasked with something and he gets it done. The President needs to task this person I'm talking about with getting the economy open. So that therefore we don't have to have daily press conferences where some reporter asks something that's wacko and the President then has to attack that news organization. These are not productive. This is not what productive people do. And I'm surprised, look, I don't play for dinner, I can say this stuff. What? Is someone going to call my mom?

Jim Cramer:
These are unproductive sessions. What you got to do is maybe you call Jeff Bezos, say "What do we do?" We need to get better procurement. Okay? What do we do? Maybe you call the people who run Alphabet and Verily and say, "Hey guys, how did we get this thing done with the testing? What do we do?" Or you bring in a Kimco and a Simon Properties and say, "Guys, do you have any empty space in your reach? Because we'll pay you so we can do testing in your parking lots." You call all the retailers that are closed. Macy's has a lot of stores closed and say, "Listen, we know you got a lot of private label. Can we turn that private label into PPE? Could you call those factories and we'll pay you." "So even though you're closed, we will pay you for apparel, but help us."

Jim Cramer:
But these are failures of imagination and it's only because I've been around longer than they have or because I'm not a really negative person. Okay? I'm just not a negative person. I'm an optimist and I know how to do this stuff and sometimes, I know I'm not political, but sometimes you just have to do it in a way that I know that they don't. Maybe because I ran a lot of companies or studied history more. It's not about me, but I'm just saying, I see what they're doing and it's like, guys, are you kidding me? You're wasting your time. Get some serious professionals down there who know how to get the job done, know who to call in business. Call me, just call me. I'll give you 10 companies who can get you all the PPE you want. And I have Mark Benioff on tonight and Mark's the same way. Mark does not sit there and say, "We don't have enough PPE." Mark forges a coalition to get more PPE here.

Jim Cramer:
And that's what big people, that's what grown ups do. They don't just say, "Listen, that guy sucks." They don't say that media outlet stuff. So, you got to be a grown up and you can't be afraid to criticize because you're scared. You have to say, "Okay, this is what General Marshall did when he decided that we're going to have airplanes." Roosevelt didn't believe in airplanes, he was a secretary in the Navy. But Marshall said, "No. We're going to go with airplanes" and as a direct challenge to the President. Why? Because they wanted to win the war. He knew they needed that tactic to win the war.

Jim Cramer:
So, we need a war winner. We need a war fighter and we need a war winner and we need to build coalitions the way that Mark Benioff is, and we need to know that you got to call Gennette at Macy's and say, "Listen, you got to help us." Or Manny Chirico at PVH, "We saw what you did. Who do you think we should call at JC Penney? Is there someone we should call at Gap? How do we build a coalition of PPE makers? This is what they need to do. And I'll say it, I'll say it on air that they should do this. Okay? And because I say it and I'm in the media, it means nothing. I don't know.

Jim Cramer:
Maybe if I wrote a gazillion dollar check to some party it would mean something, but how can they not listen to free advice I'm giving them because I know how to get this job done and it is just killing me that they're doing it so wrong. Killing me. If I had five minutes with the President, I could get 50 million PPE because you got to call these five retailers that have nothing to do and can't sell a thing because they're closed and would be thrilled to get the order to do the PPE so that they can bring some money in, but no, they don't do, they just hate everybody.

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