Jim Cramer Says That You Can Now Buy Retailers Again

Jim Cramer said that investors can buy retailers again 'without much worry.'
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The bear is behind us. 

Or, at least, the bear that the market saw last quarter is behind us, according to Jim Cramer. 

"The sales and earnings are a lot better than you would have expected given that we just went through a bear market of extraordinary proportions. That's because there was no actual reason for the bear except the fed simply relied on old hack rules and a paltry amount of homework to develop a thesis that said we are at full employment so we will soon be at full inflation. How embarrassing that it chose that course just when the consumer price index was going negative, a total misread of the scenario at hand?" Cramer said on his exclusive Action Alerts Plus members-only call. 

So, what does that mean?

"You can buy the retailers again without much worry, especially now that we will have gotten to some sort of trade deal," Cramer explained. 

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