Jim Cramer Says Its Time for U.S. to Walk Away From China Trade Deal

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When it comes to trade, it's been quite the week.

Jim Cramer has some thoughts on trade after the back and forth between the U.S. and China. 

Cramer wrote about his thoughts in a piece over on Real Money

"When I saw these employment figures this morning, best in 50 years, 266,000 jobs created, benign inflation, I thought two things: one, everything I learned studying economics at Harvard was wrong, and two, we should no longer want to tie the trade war with China, we should want to win it. Let me explain," he said. 

"When I studied with all the big muckety muck economists at Harvard, I learned that you simply could not have the numbers we had this morning, which is wowza jobs and low inflation. You could only get this kind of job growth by fanning the flames of inflation which would then cause the Fed to crush the economy which would then cause a recession," continued Cramer. 

In TheStreet's morning show with Cramer, he spoke about why he thinks now may be the time to walk away from a trade deal with China, especially since the U.S. has showed the strength of its economy when it posted November jobs of 266,000, easily beating the expectations of 180,000.

Watch the full video above for more.

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