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Jim Cramer Says Donald Trump Shouldn't Want a Trade Deal

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Are you ready for a trade deal?

Jim Cramer says that President Donald Trump shouldn't be. 

When asked what was on the top of his mind during TheStreet's daily live show on Monday, he had one simple answer: trade.

"I'm thinking about the trade deal and whether it happens or not and the impact if it doesn't. I know that the President, over the weekend, is beginning to wonder why bother, and [if we're in a] why bother situation, do people recognize that that's where they are? There's just been a series of provocations by the Chinese, including this weekend saying, listen, there are 30 million PCs that the U.S. have to leave. This is the opposite of what he expected," said Cramer.

With the December 15 tariffs looming, how cautious should investors be when it comes to trade headlines this week? 

Watch the full video above to see what else Cramer thinks about trade.

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