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Finally, THEME NUMBER FIVE: Apple, will continue its alleged Achilles Heel status to the market, with Amazon a close second. That's two $800 billion gorillas weighing on the tape. We own them. We don't trade the former and we are reluctant to trade the latter but I fear they will be the principal source of funds for the supply avalanche. Why these two? Apple because we can't get a handle on the channel and we don't know what the Chinese government is going to do to favor Huawei over Apple no matter what happens strictly as a way to strike back from the indignation of the indictments and the cordoning off of this gigantic company by the combined forces of multiple branches of the U.S. government. I keep insisting that the way around this for Apple is to bulk up that service stream, especially with health care, via the watch, but it isn't happening fast enough. Amazon? I think the "distracted -divorcing Bezos-saga, replete with a monster amount of supply overhang from his soon -to-be ex-wife will cloud the story. It will instill a constant worry that will produce selling on every advance.

Jim Cramer's worried about Amazon (AMZN - Get Report) and Apple (AAPL - Get Report) . 

"Apple will continue its alleged Achilles Heel status to the market, with Amazon a close second," Cramer told members of his Action Alerts Plus club. 

The reasons Cramer gives are simple. He doesn't trust that the Chinese government won't favor Huawei over Apple. And, of course, Amazon is exposed currently with the divorce saga that's unfurling in the media.

The Achilles heels that Apple and Amazon have currently aren't the only things in the market that Cramer's got his eye on going into this quarter. Cramer listed out five themes that he and his team over at Action Alerts Plus are watching. 

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