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Jim Cramer: Robinhood Traders 'Don't Listen to Armageddonists'

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts on zero-commission trading.

"Back in the old days, big macro events used to matter, Cramer explained. In fact, nearly half of a stock's performance had nothing to do with the company itself, but rather from its sector and the economy at large. But in today's market, investors are once again focused on individual stocks," wrote TheStreet's Scott Rutt in his Mad Money recap.

"Make no mistake, index funds are still very popular, Cramer added, but the money is only flowing into stocks. Interest rates remain low, giving investors few other alternatives for long-term growth. The real driver for investing in individual stocks is zero-commission trading, Cramer said. It has finally become easy and affordable for investors to pick up their favorite stocks. And with so many stocks heading higher, it's hard to go wrong," Rutt continued. 

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