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Jim Cramer Reveals His 2020 New Year's Resolution for Investors

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You've been ready for Christmas since Black Friday, so it's time to start thinking ahead to the new year. 

And thankfully, Jim Cramer has your back.

During TheStreet's live show on Wednesday morning, he talked about his New Years' resolution for investors who aren't seeing the glass-half-full when it comes to investing.

"All right, I want people to go to the front page of the New York Times Business section. I want you to find how many articles there are about what a fool Trump is and how he's doing stupid things, how bad the trade deals are. You read it. There's a disparity between the rich and the poor. How it's a terrible time. And I want you to stop reading these can read the articles but please don't relate them," said Cramer.

Watch the full video above for more.

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