Jim Cramer Reacts to the Jobs Report

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Forget about the jobs report?

Don't worry, Jim Cramer didn't. But, first, let's review the jobs report.

U.S. employers added 273,000 jobs in February, much higher than expected, and the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.5%.

Economists surveyed by FactSet were expecting 175,000.

"It was more than 50,000 people that were hired in food and beverage, restaurant. Rather extraordinary, because that's exactly ground zero of what could be, other than airlines. I think that on cruises, it's irresponsible. to continue to allow cruises. Those companies, I'd rather just give them a handout than keep sending people on cruises. There are blown record in CDC of issues involving communal diseases on ships. Now it's in part of ... Wow. Walmart's up. Geez, how do you factor that in? I'm trying to figure anything as travel and leisure and shopping, that's where the points of pain. I'm not looking for hope. I'm just saying that there are pockets of opportunity," said Cramer. 

Watch the full video above for Cramer's take.

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