Jim Cramer Reveals the Question That Could Define the Trump Presidency

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Jim Cramer's got one big question for investors who are eyeing the 2020 election. 

He said that investors should be paying attention to what the media is covering.

"What the media should be focused on is whether the tariffs are good for America or not good," said Cramer. "And you could argue that they're not good because the consumer is going to have to pay more. Or you could argue that they're good because they'll bring back a lot of the businesses [that left us a long time ago.]"

"The thing that people have to be careful of the media is that a lot of the stuff that is made in China ends up in our landfills. It's not like this stuff is necessarily critical," he continued. "So there are people who think that we can handle any amount of...as Wilbur Ross said, the tariffs, they mean nothing, the president's happy to continue to put them on. [Ross] does not go as far as to say that the Chinese pay for the tariffs, the president says that."

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