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Jim Cramer: The President Has China Where He Wants It in the Trade Talks

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts on the trade talks. 

He said that he believes, even if the trade talks go sideways, that President Trump will still walk away a winner so long as there are no tariffs hikes. 

He wrote about it in his most recent thoughts on the trade talks in his Real Money column Friday morning. 

"If the Party takes strong action to quell the dissent[in Hong Kong], though, it is possible that the Europeans may be a little less craven. That's why every weekend the Communist Party seems to weaken its resolve. If it goes all-in to stop the protestors, then the United States will most certainly encourage the protestors, something that hasn't happened yet," wrote Cramer. "In other words, hate him or like him, it's becoming clear that Trump has a kind of Dr. Strangelove upper hand where the Party seems totally befuddled. Unlike, say, NBA owners, Trump doesn't really care about opening new Chinese markets to capitalist entities based here."

Watch the full video for more. 

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