Jim Cramer: People's Confidence Comes From Paychecks

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Jim Cramer weighs in on what Americans need to hear and see in order to feel reassured. 

And, he explains why business partnerships are great, but they don't matter as much as getting people back to work.

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Katherine Ross:
Speaking of not having enough ventilators. Ford did announce this morning that it's partnering with GE healthcare in 3M to create face shields and ventilators and as much as I appreciate the humanitarian side, I do want to talk about the business side of things. Do we need to see more partnerships like this in order to reassure the investor?

Jim Cramer:
Well we got Elon Musk making a thousand ventilators yesterday. Obviously he can do more. I believe he'll do far more than Ford. I think that the ossification, some of these older companies is really a shame. The way that they were able to move in World War II was very different. I think the American people's confidence is going to come from paycheck and from money coming in. The ventilators will not provide what the American people want to be able to go to work. The testing, testing, testing will because if they're caught early in the tests they probably can go home, rest and maybe even get one of these miracle drugs that people are talking about. We actually have not done enough science on the miracle drugs. We don't know, but I absolutely am certain that if we get that bill passed, then there'll be 150 million people who will feel a heck of a lot better.

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