Jim Cramer: The One Thing That Could 'Break' the U.S. China Trade Talks

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Curious about the U.S.-China trade talks? 

Jim Cramer weighed in on the one thing that could potentially hurt the U.S.-China trade talks and what he expects from the G-20 summit when President Trump potentially has the ability to meet with China's President Xi. 

Cramer broke it down.

"What he said was that, uh, he'll be meeting with [President] Xi and if Xi doesn't show, then the tariffs immediately [on another] $300 billion. So he kind of made it like, all right, there's going to be a deal because it's just too critical and horrible for China. So, what could break everything is obviously China [saying] 'screw you.' But the president is saying the tariffs would be so bad and China's so weak that they will come to the table," said Cramer. 

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