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Jim Cramer on Why He Still Trusts Boeing

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Jim Cramer still trusts Boeing (BA) - Get Free Report

"Well, I mean if you own a Boeing and they have, are they supposed to give away things for free? I don't know. I mean look, airbags are not an option. I know but when you buy a car that has special side airbags, maybe you have to pay up for them. I think that was a twisted story that I read because it basically said you know, if you want to buy more safety you can and when and the corollary would have been, we should just give away safety at people don't give away, I mean it's part of the package," said Cramer.

"Like you know, you got to take it and you buy Boeing, you buy the servicing, you buy this. It's part of a piece. Am I defending Boeing? Yes, I am defending point cause I think that they have a great ethos if it, if there was something untoward here and it's discovered, I will not defend them," he continued. 

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