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Jim Cramer on Why President Trump Is Showcasing CEOs at Coronavirus Press Conferences

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts on the CEOs we've been seeing standing next to President Donald Trump at coronavirus press conferences. 

Watch what he has to say in the video above. 

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Katherine Ross:
We've seen Walmart, Target, CVS, et cetera, CEOs standing next to Trump in the press conferences this week. Why is the Trump administration putting CEOs at the podium of the coronavirus pressers?

Jim Cramer:
Why wouldn't they? They're trying to ... They need the real estate to be able to do the drive throughs. Obviously, the President was very behind the curve. We know that. I mean, Adam Silver's the hero last week, but remember, where else are they going to put the testing? You need Target's parking lot and you need Walmart's. You need CVS to help, which is why you own CVS stock, it's horrible. All stocks are horrible right now. It's not too revelatory, but I don't think any of those companies knew that they were going to be called into do that, none of them, but they left there saying, "You know what? We've got to get this done." I know a lot of my friends who really and truly hate President Trump said that that was just ridiculous. Yeah, I'm doing some Pepsi ... Yeah, we'll have to do the other call soon, because I'm doing so much stuff on Action Alerts, I don't want to give away too much.

Katherine Ross:
Nope. We're going to tease all of that when we head on over to our Action Alerts Plus daily rundown show, but first-

Jim Cramer:
Yeah. I know there were a lot of people who thought it was cheesy. I wish he didn't shake everybody's hands. They got to get into separation. Don't want these people sick, but-

Jim Cramer:
Right, but I do feel that they were not ready and Google was not ready. The President gets very exuberant. Hate him or like him, that's his nature, and because he was so exuberant, what happened is that he front ran what we were capable of doing, whether it be Google, whether it be Target, whether it be Walmart, but he was tired of hearing that South Korea he did his thing. You know what? Again, I find these things ... I love what Fauci ... I happen to love Fauci. I love what Fauci said, which is that you want to overreact every single thing involving health. The President overreacted, but he did box these companies into helping. He certainly didn't make it. He made so they can't weasel out. It's not the way I do business, but it's what he does.

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