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Jim Cramer on Why Jerome Powell Is Not the Economic Version of Dr. Fauci

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts on Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell.

Here's why Cramer doesn't think that Powell is not the economic version of Dr. Fauci.

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Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
Let's follow up on our conversation from yesterday. I asked you about who could be the economic Dr. Fauci. This morning we got actions from the Fed that they announced that they were putting $2.3 trillion to work in programs to support the economy. Now based on that, Jim, do you think that that Jerome Powell is the economic Dr. Fauci?

Jim Cramer:
No, because he doesn't want to be, I mean he did. It was great what he did, which is to say, "All right, look, we'll backstop this and backstop that." But the guy, the economic Dr. Fauci either has to be someone from the military because that person can assess what can be done away from healthcare, but knows healthcare because there are people in the military that really understand healthcare. Given the fact that when you're on the battlefield, healthcare is everything. Or you get a group of people, a group of really good business people together and then you see who rises to the cream of the crop and that person could be our Fauci. But we're not there yet.

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