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Jim Cramer on Why He's Still Going Into Work

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Jim Cramer is still going into work. 

He explains why he's still going into work during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Katherine Ross:
I agree. We've got to keep the common sense. We got to keep our heads on us and we have to do our part by practicing social distancing. Jim, I want to ask you about the Fed.

Jim Cramer:
I mean, I've been FaceTiming my kids two or three times a day. I don't live with my wife right now. I feel it's important to come to work. A lot of people feel that's wrong. That I should just stay home. I'm not going to stay home. I want to come to work. I want to try to have a normal part of my life because everything else is so abnormal. I'm no different from anybody else.

Katherine Ross:
And it's anxiety-inducing when things are being shaken up this much

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