Jim Cramer on Why Dow DuPont Is Top on His List

"There's Dow DuPont and that's slightly kept on the list. Why? Because of our belief in CEO Ed Breen."
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There's Dow DuPont (DWDP) - Get Report and that's slightly kept on the list. Why? Because of our belief in CEO Ed Breen. We think he's a real miracle worker. We think he's about to start unlocking value as he divides the company into three or four newly publicly traded companies. We're on the verge of this, people.

Knowing Breen as I do, I think we'd be hard pressed not to like all the different companies he creates. Now, I have studied Breen for ages, and not just because he grew up in the neighboring school district to me at the exact same time I did, or that also he's a huge Eagles fan. We like what he did with Tyco, which is to keep dividing the company into different entities creating the most break up value we have ever seen. We did this analysis for Mad Money. It was extraordinary how much money he created. We think this Dow DuPont break up will be a similarly amazing story. And even though we are up huge, I would not hesitate to recommend it to those new to the club.

When I went to see the Eagles recently, they asked me what should they buy. A lot of these guys are players, not just players on the field. I always give them Dow DuPont because you don't remember, they played down in the south part of Philadelphia, it's not that far from DuPont. That's not the reason to buy it, but at least they've heard of it.

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